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PreetiKaya Lifestyle solutions Pvt Ltd
Trial Marketing Officer
Lead Generation
1. Contact prospects for Stevia based Natural Table top sweetener products, and Low glucose load sugar. Prospects may include personal contacts for house hold purchases, Personally known nutritionists, dieticians, health conscious individuals either at home or locations such as gyms, malls, school parent meetings shops and the like.
2. Explain the product with material provided. Hand over samples and take down the contact details. (Samples In promotion kit provided)
3. Maintain contact records and at regular intervals, Call each person to whom sample is given and collect follow-up comments / views and feedback. (Minimum 10 contacts or follow-up feedbacks per day)
4. Collect orders and communicate these back to the Company. Send compiled list of Name, contact details and contact feedback report every week etc in the format provided by company.

Work is expected to take about 4 hours per day on contact and phone follow-ups

Payment : Rs 6000/- as fixed pay for basic 10 contacts per day data to be sent to the company
Additional Commission based on number of units sales order - Rs 40/- per unit order (In addition to base pay). No ceiling on commission.

Target Sale : 50 units per day

Intermediate Level 3-7 years