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18 Absurd Misbelief about Independent Women


18 Absurd Misbelief about Independent Women

Independent women are subject to many misconceptions. It is seen that women manage to get an unfavorable backlash when they are matched to a rather empowering adjective such as independent. But, the sole problem lies not with the independent women but with the society’s mindset of judging how women should act and who they should be. Here are 18 myths about being an independent woman in this society.

Misbelief about Independent Women

They Are Conceited

Conceited refers to people who think that they are better than everyone else. Independent women are well aware of their worth and that isn’t a bad thing as the society thinks of it to be.

They are Control Freaks

Controlling often becomes unacceptable when it is a woman doing it. An independent woman controls her fate just so that it does not get manipulated by other people’s views

They Don’t Require Being Courted

Being an independent woman abdicates your right of being a lady somehow and makes people assume that you aren’t the dating kind. A woman might be able to provide for herself but that should not stop you from getting her little things like candy, flowers or cards.

They Have High Standards

Like most men, independent women have standards and there is in fact nothing wrong with that. They do not have unrealistic expectations and work hard to prove themselves.

They Do Not Have Many Friends

An independent woman usually chooses to have a solid group of friends who share the same qualities as hers. It is better than having people who are stereotyping or are jealous of each other.

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They Do Not Depend On Anyone

Contrary to the usual belief, independent women need support too when they are lost or are feeling stuck.

They aren’t Emotional

They of course cry and get upset. They are human being too after all and have emotions.

They can handle the entire Problem themselves

They don’t ask for suggestions or help but that doesn’t mean that they would not like if you help.

They are chain smokers and alcoholics

People have their own choices and that has got nothing to do with being independent.

They are Stubborn

They know what they want and that in no sense makes them picky or choosy.

In relationships, they want to be the Man

That is how the society views independent women as. In fact, there is nothing wrong with a woman paying the bill or driving herself in case she wants to.

Career is their only priority

Being successful is important but that isn’t the only goal of an independent woman.

They have an Attitude Problem

They just like to explain what they are trying to say and prove.

They are miserable at all times

They are actually some of the happiest women you will ever meet as they don’t have to deal with others crap.

They aren’t Intimate

Intimacy cannot just disappear because the woman can support herself emotionally and financially.

They are rather Bold

If you know what you want and strive hard to achieve then being considered bold isn’t a bad thing.

People feel they are open for flings

They love to live life by their own terms but that doesn’t mean that they are open for flings with random strangers.

They are Mean

That’s the society thinking that girls are bossy and mean if they do the exact same thing as men.

Independent women like to work for their inner satisfaction and that has got nothing to do with proving something as opposed to the usual thinking of the society.

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