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Hearty and Soul-soothing Winter Comfort Food

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Hearty and Soul-soothing Winter Comfort Food

Winter is here and so is the time to indulge in seasonal delicacies! The markets are filled with leafy greens, tube vegetables, and all sorts of seasonal produce that are packed with multiple health benefits – keeping you warm, strengthening your immunity, and fixing your mineral deficiencies.

We present a list of 7 delicious recipes you can make using winter vegetables, so that you can indulge your taste buds and make the most of what winter has to offer!

Winter vegetable soup

There is nothing as comforting as a piping hot bowl of soup on cold winter days. You just need an assortment of seasonal veggies for a soup that is nutritious and tasty. This simple soup is a great way to start your meal and can be prepared in less than an hour. You could also customize it according to your liking – add some different vegetables, some cheese or cream…the possibilities are endless.

Stuffed nachni paratha

Nachni or ragi (finger millet) is your winter superfood which can keep your body warm and provide you with ample amount of nutrients. Though not a seasonal cereal¸ nachni rotis are rich in calcium, iron and aid digestion due to their high fiber content. These rotis are stuffed with a healthy mix of vegetables like cauliflower, methi leaves, and bitter gourd and make for a delightful meal. You could also add carrots, sweet potatoes or purple yam to the stuffing to add more flavours.


This classic Gujarati winter specialty is made with Surti papdi (which is abundantly available during this season), eggplants, sweet potatoes, peas, purple yam, elephant foot yam etc. These veggies are tossed together in a blend of spices to prepare a dish that is fiery and dry. You can enjoy the flavors of this Gujarati dish with rotis, puris or methi muthiyas. The traditional recipe requires hours on end for that authentic rustic and smoky flavor.

Bajra khichdi

Consuming bajra during winters provides your body with enough energy to keep you warm and beat the winter chills. It also keeps you energetic and is a good source of iron. This sumptuous bajra khichdi is everything that defines wholesome, comfort, tasty and healthy. All you need for this recipe is bajra and moong dal with some pure ghee. You could also add chopped vegetables if you desire.

Sarson ka saag and makki ki roti

A famous Punjabi dish (pop culture, anyone?), Sarson ka saag paired with makki ki roti is a traditional winter specialty. This stew like saag is made with spinach, mustard leaves, methi etc. and has just the right blend of spices and ingredients to decrease the distinct bitterness of mustard leaves and prepare a meal that is pleasing to the palate. Mustard leaves are packed with iron and protein which makes the dish absolutely beneficial during winters. Pair it with makki ki roti and you have a dish that is quintessentially Punjabi.

Gaajar ka halwa

Abundance of fresh, sweet carrots during winters calls for some dessert delight! Gaajar ka halwa is an all-time favourite Indian sweet dish which is made from grated carrots, milk, sugar, ghee and nuts. Carrots are packed with dietary fiber and help regulate your blood sugar levels which fluctuate during winters. Ghee and dry fruits help keep the body warm and combat common cold symptoms.

Nolen gurer sandesh

Nolen gurer sandesh is a popular Bengali sweet which is made from date palm jaggery. Mainly produced in West Bengal, it is a winter delicacy made from the sap of date palm. Dates contain essential nutrients that help keep our body warm, fight cold and boost your energy. This Bengali sweetmeat is prepared with date palm jaggery, milk and dry fruits and is a perfect treat for your sweet tooth.

Did we mention your favourite recipe? What are your winter specialties? We would love to hear your thoughts! Do let us know how your experience was cooking these dishes. Bon Appétit!

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