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List of Good and High Paying Jobs for Women Freelancers in India

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List of Good and High Paying Jobs for Women Freelancers in India

Whether you are planning to take a freelance job for flexibility or to achieve work-life-balance, focus for a well-paid freelance job. You may need to consider learning a new skill. But which are those high paying jobs for women that you could plan for and how to find them?

Below we have listed out some of the highest paid jobs that can be considered for your freelance career path Mobile Application Developer

If you are a programmer, think of pursuing a career as a freelance Mobile Application Developer. If you have the right skills of a coder, you can make anywhere around $1000 per hour as an App developer which is probably one of the highest paying jobs for a freelancer, today. It will, of course, take you some time to reach there. But you can begin by joining a professional course and work your way up on perfecting your coding skills.

Video Creation                                    

It is easy to put your creativity to use by making videos and posting them on YouTube and make whooping amounts of money as well. You can either post funny or interesting videos or even realistic ones that you feel will attract viewers. Animation and Tutorial videos are also gaining popularity these days and you can go for some animation tools which are economical and also  help you create fun videos.

CAD Designing & 3 D Modeling

CAD or Computer Aided Design is another such field which can be worked upon if you have a creative bent of mind and it is again one of the highest paying fields. You can use the computer systems to create, modify and analyze designs in almost every industry for e.g. Infrastructure design, Product design, Manufacturing design and Animation design. You can create a variety of tasks with a 3D model in different materials, light effects and even document the design with various dimensions and annotations.

Project Management

A good project manager has the skills to manage initiation, plan, execute, and control a work assigned with a clear-cut goal to be achieved within a timeline. The project could be to produce a certain product or service in a complete manner for the end customers with the quality standards, budget, and required resources. Freelancing in this area can be easy if you have good communication and people management skills. As a woman, you may want to develop your strategy and management skills as this is could be one of the high paying jobs for women.

Web Content Development

A copywriter or a web content developer is in high demand these days due to the rising requirement of web content for websites and mobile apps. This segment of freelancers is well paid if they have experience in varied fields and have a knack for writing marketing content. So, if you think you have it in you to create good marketing-focused content, you should give this profession a try. However, you may need to do a bit of learning on how to use the keywords, but this is easy to learn.

Corporate Laws

If you are a lawyer and are getting burnt out with the typical hectic life of legal industry, try the freelance way which could be inspirational and monetarily attractive. With the change in the legal culture, the freelance corporate law has become the next high paying jobs for women. You can even select your clients on the basis of their requirements on a full-time basis, in an office or even from the comfort of your home. You might have even known some lawyers who pursue their other interests due to their freelance arrangement of work. So, this is typically one of the best freelance options you can choose from.

Wealth Management

If you come from a finance background, wealth management could be your next best option. One of the highest paid professional services, a wealth manager offers advice on finance, investments, taxation, accounting, retirement, legal as well as estate planning. You could charge per hour or portfolio based fee to offer financial advice to your clients. One of the busiest times you could have can be during the taxation period, when you could even hire a team of wealth management freelancers to support the workload and make good profits.

Social Media Marketing

If any company is marketing a product or a service today, they surely need social media marketing as a tool. A social media manager is a company’s talented and entrusted resource for the monitoring, contributing, filtering, guiding as well as measuring their social media. You will need to definitely spend some time to learn graphics, utilization of images, multimedia and videos as tools to market the brand or the product. Also spend some time in refreshing your writing skills as 90% of social media is about content.

Data Mining and Management

In the past decade, the requirement for data mining and management specialists has increased considerably. Consulting and freelancing jobs in this domain are preferred to regular employment by the organizations. If you already are qualified in this field, here is your chance to have flexible working hours with a good income option. You may not necessarily come from Economics or Mathematics background. All you need is an experience to study data and provide insights on their basis to the organization. Some data scientists are highly paid when they can work in the marketing area and provide crucial insights which can increase the turnover of a company. You can also look up some of the top courses in this field if you wish to become a certified data scientist.


Due to the current fast-paced lifestyle and rise in stress levels, number of people suffering from health issues and eating disorders has increased. This has resulted in the increase of lifestyle-related diseases as well. Besides the focus shifting to a good work out, a good diet is also of high priority amongst the working professionals and people with busy lives. Hence the need for a qualified dietician who can provide a complete and healthy diet plan to support your lifestyle is on the rise. A good dietician is well paid today and if you are one amongst them, this is the time to apply full throttle and launch yourself as a freelance dietician!

All of the above freelance job options are some of the best in the industry. If you wish to know more about some of the good jobs in these domains, don’t forget to look up at

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