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New year Resolutions: Digital Help To Keep Your Promises

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New year Resolutions: Digital Help To Keep Your Promises

New year Resolutions 2018:

Digital Help To Keep Your Promises

Yes, it is that time of the year. As December waltzes away to usher in yet another year, chances are that like most preceding annuals, the resolutions made in 2016 did not last beyond the neophytic two weeks of January. Alright, two months if you are going to get down to the nitty gritty. The condescending tone is a definite put-off but then we all have been there, done that so who are we kidding? Just so that the dismal performance of last year stays in the backstory of your life and you stick to your guns this time around, we have a selection of apps to make your resolutions last the twelve months. Take a look and you are welcome.

Weight Loss

Nine out of ten people have this as their top New Year Resolution. While the digital space is replete with fitness apps, the experts swear by ‘MyFitnessPal’ and 30 Day Fitness. The first records your diet, weight, calorie intake, and your progress through your weight loss journey, the second offers workout programs to get in shape. The gentle reminders that can be switched on or off will help you stay on track and not give in to the temptation of that blueberry cheesecake that seems to be calling out to you.

Knowledge Ninjas

Scribd is your go-to app for all things reading. Browse through magazines, eBooks, audio books, and novels. You can personalize the app to suit your reading demands. Available publications include Time, People, Fortune and Money magazines. The app can be synced to other devices. The first month is offered free for trial and subsequently, subscription charges are levied.

InShorts is another interesting app if current affairs are your Waterloo. The app offers snapshots of news and interesting articles from around the world. You can follow up on the links if something catches your fancy and you want to explore further. And yes, it is free.

Language Learning

If you are leaning towards learning a new language (yes, I am the mistress of alliterations) download Duolingo or Memrise. Actually, use both as each has a different approach to the plethora of languages that are offered. The lessons are broken up into small segments and each offers a different yet interesting approach. The interface is more like a game so you will have fun for sure. So be it Korean, German, Spanish, or anything else that pikes your interest, you shall find it a cakewalk to develop your language skills. Duolingo also offers to link your results to your LinkedIn profile. Go on, flaunt  your French.

Career Change

Nothing spells new start like a job change. But before you take the proverbial leap, check out the reviews about the company on Glassdoor. On offer is information about benefits offered to the employees, rough salary estimates, and other little tidbits. Also, you could check out what is your worth in the market through their fancy calculator for the same purpose. Not sure which company you want to work for, you could dive into the job listings to help you make up your mind.

Healthy Eating

‘Health is wealth’- there hasn’t been a truer adage than this one in the current times. Turn towards Nutrino for your food doubts. After you have filled in your personal preferences, the app will suggest what to eat. You can also chalk out your meals with this one in keeping with your other resolution to stay fit. Not just this, Nutrino throws up names of places to eat close to you that serve food in keeping with your dietary demands.

There are myriad recipe apps like SparkRecipes, AllRecipes and more that you can explore to make healthy food right at home with the ingredients that agree with you. For the Indian palate, Hebbar’s Kitchen and VahChef rule the roost.


To bring some semblance of sanity into our harebrained lives, Wunderlist does a fine job. Create your to-do lists, store your ideas and share with your friends. The app can be synchronized on various platforms. The app has been hailed as the next best thing by many organizations like The New York Times, LifeHacker etc.

Quip is similar to Wunderlist. The interface for this app finds favour with many people. PDF documents, chats, to-do lists come under one roof in this app.

One App to Rule Them All

Strides (for iOS) and Resolutions (for Android) are the apps that will take care of all your resolutions under one roof. If you want to learn how to play an instrument, quit smoking, exercise, whatever, just turn to one of these. The apps show how much time has elapsed since your last venture towards a particular resolution. They offer a reality check on how long you lasted with your resolute plans of changing your life this year.

Pulkit is an Xoogler and a chai-aficionado. She likes early mornings, thunderstorms and pauses between conversations. She reads and writes about everything.

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