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Pros And Cons of Working From Home


Pros And Cons of Working From Home

Nowadays work-from-home options are flourishing,

Gone are the times when the only parameter for earning a living was having to spend a dedicated number of hours at a workstation under constant supervision.

Employers are recognizing the advantages of outsourcing work which not only increases the productivity of their resources but also saves them the overhead costs incurred while trying to get the same task done in their offices using their own infrastructure.

If you have a certain skill-set and the commitment to deliver quality services within a stipulated time you are an ideal candidate to work from home. Having said that let me add that this is easier said than done. What makes you an ideal candidate for the assignment doesn’t necessarily help you deliver consistently if you lose sight of structuring your work schedule.

If you’re already working in a 9-5 job and have been considering the option of working from home, it makes sense to analyze what it entails.


  1. Flexibility of time – This is a major incentive. We women are skilled at multi-tasking and this flexibility ensures that we can get a lot more done in a said time.
  1. Freedom of choosing the assignment – When you’re your own boss, you get to choose the kind of projects you want to undertake which give you the work satisfaction that is conducive for better productivity.
  1. Commanding your own price – As opposed to a fixed salary, here you have the choice to quote your price as per what you think you deserve. You are your own appraiser and you decide when you get promoted to get a price hike.
  1. Better savings – Since this does not involve daily commuting, it helps save a big chunk of your expenses. Also, you end up saving a bit on the taxes when you’re working from home.
  1. Pursuing other interests – The extra time on hand can be utilized to nurture hobbies and interests that add zest to your life.


  1. Overlap in personal and professional tasks – A lack of planning can lead to personal tasks eating up on the time set aside for the professional ones.
  1. Lack of discipline – Unless one is focused on proper time management they could be prone to a lack of discipline that can jeopardize the timelines and quality of output.
  1. Extra efforts – When you work from home, you will need to make an extra effort to network with the competitive world outside and learn on your own.
  1. One-man army – Unlike working with a team of colleagues in an office, working from home would mean that you are the sole person responsible for executing the task.
  1. Nature of income – Besides receiving compensation at random intervals as opposed to a regular monthly paycheck, long term benefits that comes with being on a company’s payroll like provident fund, pension, gratuity, and other variables will not be provided.

However, achieving the right balance while working from home is definitely attainable. For starters, treat every minute of yours as precious. Let family and friends know that you are serious about not compromising on the time set for professional work. Likewise, make it clear to your clients on your unavailability while attending to personal commitments unless it is a work emergency. Slot your routine in compartments based on the weight of priorities. Stick to your word. It adds to your credibility when you’re working on your own. Last but not the least,

Deliver consistently and efficiently to carve a successful new career for yourself.


eWomen aims at bridging the gap between talented women who are seeking work from home opportunities and companies who are interested in offering related jobs to them. We believe that there is a large pool of talented women who stay at home and have a huge potential. This platform opens up a world of opportunities for them. We are here to extend support to them and motivate them to earn money from home.

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