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Santa Claus is coming to the freelancers’ town….


Santa Claus is coming to the freelancers’ town….

Nothing says ‘Holidays’ like a thoughtful gift to ring in the festivities.  Whether you are one of those who have no idea what your freelancer friend does but still want to wish them well in the New Year, or the much discussed freelance professional looking for some inspiration, we have some exceptional gifting ideas so that the odds be forever in your favour!

The Secret Santa list for freelancers

For the love of brew

Coffee, tea, and other warm beverages are magical brews, an essential part of every freelancer’s workstation. And just like you, they hate it if their beverage cools off too soon. Imagine getting up umpteen times to make your energy potion, only to have it reduced from piping hot cuppa to lukewarm disappointment amidst your calls and presentations.

The solution…?

A cute mug warmer to ensure that their drinks remain hot or warm, or you could also gift a self-stirring mug to complement the cup warmer.

Ergonomically yours

Home office is important for your freelancer friend. So, why not gift them things that would make their environment productive and pleasant?

Freelancers usually end up sitting the entire day to finish off their work, and we all know how bad that can be for health. How about gifting a stand-up mobile desk which can also double up as a laptop table? A thoughtful gift to help them maintain proper posture and prevent back and neck aches.

If a stand-up desk seems too expensive, try gifting a wooden charging dock to charge multiple devices. We are all too familiar with wire tangles and the ensuing rage. This holiday season help your friends avoid the same with an aesthetic, useful gift.

You could also gift an ergonomic pillow to help them alleviate shoulder, neck, and back pain.

Highlighter of the season

Freelancers who work remotely can never have enough of stationery! They always seem to have a perennial shortage of sorts. So, why not gift them some quirky pieces rather than run-of-the-mill ones?

From chalkboard calendar, limited edition diary, eco-friendly desk tray, creative sticky notes to a box of multi-coloured pens, portable file box, stylus pens, guide books, etc., you have ample options to choose from!

Wander of the world

Now, there are freelancers who love working from their home and then there are others who are not tied to a particular location (who like being location independent). If your freelancer friend falls under the latter category, we have a few gifting ideas for such wandering professionals:

  • A funky or sophisticated laptop bag / tote/ sling to fit in all their freelancing paraphernalia.
  • Create a secure Wi-Fi bubble by gifting them a mobile hotspot (they’ll bless you for months to come!).
  • Ever had an anxiety attack when there was no power and your devices ran out of juice? Help your freelancer friend avoid that by gifting them a solar powered portable charger.
  • Promote peace of mind by gifting them an external storage device to store all their projects.
  • Coffee shops can get monotonous after sometime. Surprise them by getting a membership at local co-working spaces.

Jingle all the way….

With just a few days until Christmas, it’s time to buckle up for the festivities that lie ahead. Take inspiration from this list and get ready to be remembered by the giftee (in a good way of course). Thank us later!

Simi Kaushik is a fan of S. Hussain Zaidi's works who writes when she is happy, sad, angry, or whenever her manager tells her to. When not writing, you'll find her enjoying movies, TV shows, experimenting in the kitchen or seeking inspiration from nature.

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