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Are there tools that can help you write better?


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Are there tools that can help you write better?

“I have been successful probably because I have always realized that I knew nothing about writing and have merely tried to tell an interesting story entertainingly.” – Edgar Rice Burroughs

Whether you are a fiction writer, creative writer, or a content writer, the purpose of writing is to express your opinion, thoughts, emotions or feelings. When you write, there are only two types of results;a, you have made a remarkable impression on your readers and b, when you haven’t achieved that purpose.

So, if you want to become a great writer, it’s not enough to have a good writing and researching skill. With the advancement in technology today, one must learn to make use of the tools that are available online which are effective for grammar check, punctuation, spellings etc.

Also, they can help you in creating compelling and professional content which can get an astounding response from the readers. Some of the writers are not sure how online tools can be better than a human mind. But if you start using online tools, you will realize how useful and accurate they can be.

You can put your writing through Hemingway, Slick Write & Boomerang Respondable. Read on to know how these tools can polish up your writing:

Write like Ernest Hemingway…

Hemingway helps you in checking your grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and plagiarism. All you have to do is paste your writing on the window and get it checked. You can also get your content evaluated, as it gives inputs on what needs correction. This online tool is free and does not need any registration. You can also use it as a paid application on Windows or Mac where you need to pay $19.99. However, it does not have any browser extension.

It helps you produce concise and clear content by removing unnecessary adverbs or complex words. It may ask you to shorten your sentences by saying “hard to read” or “very hard to read” but it will not give any advice on how to rephrase them. And, when you make the changes, it will accept them.

Getting Slicked up…

Slick Writing does not require a desktop application or browser extension. You can access it on its website and check your writing by placing it in the text window and clicking on “check”. The best part of Slick Writing is that it is free and doesn’t need any sign up. It offers you options to choose the style of writing you wish to check. For e.g. a resume, an email, a proposal, a campaign, an apology letter, etc. If you don’t find the one that fits your requirement, you can choose the option – “The basics”.

It evaluates your writing under three different tabs – Features, Structures and Word Variety. Under Features, it will underline problem phrases and words with green, blue and red lines and also flag if you use more adverbs or passive voice.  It gives the option of structure construction, which tells you if the sentence construction is problematic. Finally, it also checks if the variety of words used are good enough or you need to work on it.

Get it back right away!

Boomerang Respondable is specifically used to analyze your emails on Gmail. Boomerang helps you send an email at a preset time from your Gmail account. This tool is included in the browser for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and can help you to compel your recipients to respond to your email with certain subject length, reading or questions. Even though it is free, but if you have a paid Boomerang paid account, it will help your email generate better content with positivity and clarity. If it gives you a feedback that you are likely to receive a response, your reading level may be above 12 grade. You can also get guidance on structuring your sentences or words for better readability.

It may be a good idea when you are just starting to write, to use all the three tools for a thorough check. You will surely learn how to improve your writing skills. However, whichever tools you may decide to use, you must remember that they cannot replace your judgement/skill, as each writer has his/her own style and way of writing.


Last but not the least, one must not forget – “You Don’t write because You Want To Say something. You Write Because You have Something To Say” –  Scott Fitzgerald




Business and Brand Consultant, Trainer and Coach, Content Writer and Editor, she likes to wear many caps. With over 23 years of corporate and consulting experience, she feels there is still so much to know and learn!! She also enjoys travelling, reading, music, yoga, pets and living life daily!!

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