Are Indian Companies  hiring Freelancers?

Hiring Freelancers at companies in India work best for required to work on a short project to produce a certain product works out much cheaper for companies.

While freelancers are excited about pursuing their journey of being their own boss, there are times when they may wonder if India is really offering freelancer jobs online and are they interested in hiring freelancers.

When we speak to the HR specialists in this area, many of them feel that work from home jobs will not be successful in the Indian economy as we are a traditional economy. They also feel that the employers prefer to see employees at their desk, rather than making an effort to work with them remotely.

There are also many other doubts and concerns over this topic raised by senior managers and Indian company owners due to which freelancers sometimes face hardships to earn money from home.

On the other hand, if we do some research we will find that the statistics show quite the opposite results -

  • Deccan Chronicle published on 31st October 2016 that the freelance economy is on the rise in India. Not only that, India also has the potential to become the top most economies for freelancing work and a hub for crowdsourcing in Asia as well as globally.


  • Business Today on April 2016 said in one of their articles that India is home to 15 million freelancers working with big and small companies across India. It also stated that PwC has launched an online platform to hire freelancers for their internal projects. Similarly, other companies in the consulting arena like Ernst & Young already offers work from home jobs to over 300 freelancers.


  • Also, as per a recent report of the Economic Times, IT industry is expected to grow in Flexi-hiring to 53% by the end of 2018. It also stated that here has been an increased interest in just-in-time hiring by some of the top IT companies of India like Wipro, Persistent Systems and Infosys for their short-term projects. Microland, which is an IT company also outsources its mid and senior level positions to freelance consultants.


  • As per TeamLease - an IT staffing company, IT employers prefer to hire workforce as and when they get a project. The skill sets in demand for freelance jobs online in IT industry are for software development, content management, testing, data analysis, user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design.


Surely with such detailed statistics it is true that India as a country is ready to hire freelancers. But what could be the main reasons for the rise of freelance economy in India in the recent times? Let’s take a look.

India – the land of Startups!

India is known to be the land of startups. Since the 1990s, due to the introduction of computers, increase in overseas travel and integration of global markets with Indian economy, the focus for the middle class, has shifted from earning the basics of life to starting their own ventures.

A middle class Indian is today well aware of the possibilities and opportunities connected with global businesses. You may have noticed that there are many middle-class Indian entrepreneurs who have started up their own businesses from India and expanded overseas.

But as it is obvious, a startup needs to keep their running costs low. Hence there couldn’t be a better solution than hiring freelancers and work from home staff.


Global Economic Slowdown

Since the financial crisis in 2008, there has been an instability and uncertainty in the Indian market. Pink slips have become common even for the top MNCs today. Reasons like technological change, political crisis and some other such factors have been acting as a catalyst in such a situation. In these difficult economic times, companies would prefer to hire experienced freelancers who are interested in freelance jobs online and provide expertise in some areas.

It also helps companies to adjust quickly as per the changing staffing or business needs instead of having too less or too many staff on board at any given point of time. There are also many freelance professionals available, who prefer to value their freedom compared to unsure high profile jobs and are ready to work for companies for a project.

High Competition

Entering into a business has become much easier, especially after our Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi has announced in 2015 that India will encourage entrepreneurs. But this has also increased competition and reducing prices has become imperative. One of the best ways to reduce pricing of a product is by reducing the fixed costs like manpower cost. Hiring freelancers required to work on a short project to produce a certain product works out much cheaper for companies rather than paying them a salary along with other perks.



Digitization is a flagship program launched by the Government of India to transform India into a digitally empowered economy. Due to this focus on digitization, it has become increasingly possible to co-ordinate activities with the digital infrastructure, making remote working comfortable for the companies as well as freelancers. Also on the other hand, due to the increase of digitization, there is a need for technical experts, wherever they may be based out from. There is no need for them to travel to one location as they can easily work via voice or video calls. 

Having seen some of the obvious factors that lead the Indian entrepreneurs to hire freelancers, there is no doubt that the freelance economy is on the rise in India and it will continue to increase in the next coming years.

It may be advisable for the companies and new entrepreneurs to start focusing on freelance jobs online and maximize their profits!

Having said this, there are times when many of us as freelancers may have faced challenges in getting the right work from home job at the right time. It will be useful to analyse these reasons and learn how we can sort out any concerns connected with the freelance jobs online. Do take this opportunity to share with us your experiences during this journey.





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