Golden Words from the World’s Leading Women Freelancers. Listen Up!

Golden words of world best women freelancers are more successful freelancers. This advices shared from expert freelancers can help you to maximise your income as a freelancer

The best professionals, whether freelancers or employees, keep learning about the best ways to advance their career. And what better way to do that than to listen what already established people in your field have to say. So let’s hear what the leading women freelancers have to say about improving your game.


James Chartrand – Men with Pens

Yes, James Chartrand is a woman. She runs a highly successful web design and copywriting business under a male pseudonym. She highlights the fact that freelancers have a huge advantage over other people who hold regular jobs. That is, they have the ability to directly influence how much they can earn. For regular job goers, it usually doesn’t matter how hard they work during office hours; their monthly salary will stay exactly the same.

 Many freelancers seem to forget that they can hustle. That they can negotiate higher pay for their work. While you may have to start humbly, as you gain more experience, you can and should hustle with clients for higher rates. James is absolutely right when she says that freelancers are always in control and they can always hustle.

Educate Clients About Your Work

Megan Dougherty – Firepole Marketing

Megan, the Educational Lead at Firepole Marketing, emphasizes the importance of projecting authority. She says that one of the best things a freelancer can do to improve their freelance business is to educate their existing and future clients about how you can help them. Even when you’re working on a portal that posts online jobs, feel free to tell more clients about what you do that can help them complete their project. This will help you project authority and make clients more willing to hire you.

Clearly, Define a Clear Business Message

Amy Chick – Hey Amy Chick

Amy Chick runs a successful consulting business named after herself – Hey Amy Chick. And yes, you need to think about online freelancing as a “business”. You can think about it as a flexible job, but the most successful freelancers consider it a business. After all, you have clients, not bosses. According to Amy, creating a core message is one of the most powerful things you can do to freelance successfully. You can make this part of your online profile and reiterate it when talking to clients.

Think Long Term. Even When You’re Hired for Short Term

Sharon Hurley Hall – Professional Writer

A highly successful blogger and writer, Sharon states that it’s important to think long term. Even if you’re hired for a short project that’s over in a week, keep in mind that the client may hire you again. AND be proactive about turning a short job into a longer one.

 For instance, if you’re hired to design a website, feel free to advise the client to also design an online brochure. Or if you’re hired to write an introduction email, plan out a series of emails and pitch it to the client. Your ability to turn a one-off job into repeat business will multiply your income. Don’t always wait for the client to “give more work”. Clients are often busy, and they’ll appreciate your input if you do some of the planning work for them.

Inspired yet? You can use all of the above golden advice to maximize your income on eWomen. Remember, you can earn much more if you manage your freelance work a little more smartly.

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