Recruitment Strategies for Small Companies with High Energy Work Culture

Are you a new startup and want to get your jobs done? Then it’s a good idea to hire freelancers with high-quality talent and save funds for the company.

When a few young people get together to start a new company in India, it takes quite a lot of planning, especially in terms of how to manage the finances. Though there is a high level of energy with a startup, there is always a requirement to create the best business model which is also viable in the long run.

One of the main areas to work upon is the right talent for their projects. To have the best talent available as and when the projects come in and roll out and be able to fund them is a concern for small companies. Hiring experienced profiles for projects which are just beginning to come in may not be the wisest decision, especially when the company is still growing and trying to break-even.

As per Padmaja Alaganandan, Partner & Leader, People & Organisation Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, there has been an inflation of salaries in double digits for many years now in India. This is also the reason for many small companies to focus on the non-linear models like home based jobs. This can help avoid an increase of full time hiring which can increase the total cost of compensation whenever there is a rise in revenue.

The Chairman and Co-Founder of Teamlease (a staffing company), Mr. Manish Sabharwal, says that if the supply chain is planned well, companies can easily outsource 10-25% of their talent as work from home jobs. This can definitely aid in reducing the overall spending of an organization on the manpower. This holds valid not only for service industry, but as per PwC it is now also seen to percolate down to other sectors like FMCG, Automobile, Supplier, Distributors and Research.

So, what are the recruitment strategies such companies adopt in terms of freelance jobs online and how does it really work for them? Here are some such methodologies adopted by these companies.

External Hiring for Highly Specialized Roles

The trends most of the small sized companies show are that while they want to retain the core roles and leadership talent with the company, they prefer hiring specialized roles from outside as part time jobs online. This is especially the case when these skills are unique and not possible to build internally.

hiring has been with the external sources. These roles are hired for a short period of time for a certain project. These are with an agreement for that period only. Such options may also provide interesting careers for women who might be interested in shorter roles based on their time.

Hiring Freelancers for Clearly Defined Roles

In cases where the requirements are clearly defined, small companies prefer to work with freelancers as it is a more viable business model for them. For e.g. a company called Edureka only works with freelance instruction specialists who are interested to earn money from home.

It has almost 500 instructors across India that provide courses on behalf of the organization to its customers. As per Lovleen Bhatia, CEO of Edureka, all their instructors are freelancers as it is not viable for them to pay huge amounts in salaries. She also states that on the other hand, there are other roles in technology and data security within the same company that may not be as clearly defined. Hence, it is not possible to outsource such roles.

Hiring Core Profiles When Funds are Low

There are also times when the startups cannot afford to hire for their core work requirements on a full time basis. This is when they prefer to hire freelancers for home based jobs.

It is seen that almost 40% of companies that register with online freelance marketplace are startups. And the reason for that is them not being able to afford full time employees.

Hiring Freelancers for Creative Work

Sometimes, when the companies wish to hire a talent that has a creative bent of mind for a certain project, they may consider a freelancer or a consultant who can work on part time jobs online.

They bring in a breath of fresh air into the way things are working till now. For e.g. a company – Shuttle from Gurgaon has been hiring freelancers to assist them to create a user interface for their app and marketing related content. Hiring for work from home jobs comes in as a great option in such cases.

Hiring for Standardized Work

It may sometimes work better to outsource the standard or repetitive work to external sources. This work may just need to be replicated, since it can be easily given as freelance jobs online. This can save on time for internal resources where they can focus on more core work.

Concluding this discussion, we cannot just say that today’s freelance hiring takes place only for a certain type of role. It can vary depending on the company requirements and their financial barometer. But surely freelance hiring has become a trend for the small sized enterprises who work with quick turnaround requirements to provide opportunities for the freelancers interested in working from home on part time jobs online.

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